Sunday, February 14, 2010

-Arashi Wallpapers-

What's THE best way to de-stress yourself?

For me...

getting in touch with my right brain is THE way to ignore al
l the burdens in my left brain

And what's better than to combine this method with the 5 too-good-to-be-true guys?

Arts/right brain + ARASHI = ARASHI wallpapers!


Here are the ARASHI wallpapers that I made

Note that I don't own the pics... these are merely magazines scans and I only used for the editing process

I'm targeting at least 10 wallpapers by the end of this month and by then,

I'll upload them on my Deviantart account

Can't wait to share these with all Arashians out there

Until then...

Jaa... ne~


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Monday, February 8, 2010

Signs of an Incurable ARASHI Obsession~

Here's something that I found on someone's blog and thought I might try it

The ones in purple are those that I agree with

The italic black fonts are my side notes

Here we go!


  • you were baited by Jun-kun. - I did watch his doramas before my obsessions tho~
  • anything over 49kg is “fat”
  • the best dancer in Johnny’s is Ohno, period. - Anyone who would deny that is just mental...
  • you’re forever daydreaming and imagining…about Arashi and you. - Not forever, but I did dream about this... like... sometimes?
  • you save for NatsuCon…the whole year, 2 years, 10 years, etc.
  • only true idols get extremely popular after putting stockings over their head, wearing nipples shirts and daisy dukes. - some of the reasons why I ADORE them so much~
  • you’re envious of the Arashi FC members. - heck.. ya~
  • you’re envious of anyone that lives in Japan. - totally~
  • every time a new single comes out, you bounce around the room in joy and watch the PV (promotional video) 19074546 times. - I did not really bounce... had a tonic clonic seizure is the more appropriate term... LOL~
  • despite how poor you are, somehow you manage to buy all albums/singles.- i don't have all, but I will buy anything that I came across with~
  • the first kanji you memorized is 嵐 - “arashi”. - so true...
  • and then the kanji of all the members’ names. - unfortunately, I haven't reached this level yet~
  • when speaking japanese you only know “male” dominates words such as “omae” “umai” “kuse”. - at first yurp... but now I'm improving~
  • eating expired food is not crazy at all, but funny.
  • when someone mentions ‘Bambi’, it’s Sho or Jun that you think of, not the Disney movie. - hahaha.. OMG... this is soo true~
  • no matter how many times, you always cry when watching Aiba read his letter on 24hrTV.
  • you want a pet and his name is Momo.
  • you name things after Arashi such as pets, computers, your external HD.
  • The Sims is a game you started just so you can have characters named after Arashi. - i didn't start playing The Sims because of Arashi but I do have an ARASHI family in my saved game :)
  • the best university in all of Japan is Keio, period. - where else can you find a uni that has Keio's alumni list?
  • Sho is unreachable. - so true~
  • you’ve bought a baby blue DS.
  • you didn’t know Jun was the youngest. - i don't get this statement... isn't Arashi's obsession includes knowledge of their birthdays?
  • you didn’t know Ohno was the oldest. - another point made~
  • before Arashi, S&M was disturbing. Now it’s just an everyday part of life.
  • one of the main reasons your computer lives is to download Arashi stuff.
  • you’ve cried after your hard drive crashed. - it hasn't crashed yet but I will go nuts if it does~
  • no matter how many times you burn things off, your hard drive is always full. - hahaha... my brother is going to kill me...
  • you’ve sat your friends down and began the history on Arashi.
  • your friends can put names to faces.
  • when asked if you have a boyfriend, you have casually said “yes” and pictured one of the members.
  • you’ve come to like Japanese artists that the members like.
  • you wish that Johnny’s wouldn’t be so expensive.
  • vowed not to spend money on arashi.
  • (almost) spent it 5 minutes after you vowed this because a new photo album came out.
  • there is an Arashi photo that you see everyday - on a car, pencil case, wallet, planner. - my laptop's wallpaper... yess~
  • your cell phone ring tone is Arashi.
  • Aiba has the best English in all of Japan.
  • December 24th is not Christmas Eve, it is “Aiba’s Birthday”.
  • when going to karaoke you sing at least 1 Arashi song. AT LEAST.
  • when singing in the car or anywhere, you MUST follow the hand motions during the chorus.
  • you’ve been jealous of animals.
  • you read “asahi” as “arashi”.
  • the best actor in Japan is Nino, period. In Asia! Period! - i would not say he's the best actor in Asia nor Japan... but he is a bloody great actor~
  • short guys is DEFINITELY okay.
  • guys with bad skin is okay too.
  • guys skinnier than me, that’s okay too.
  • Arashi is the best group, ever.
  • when someone says “captain” or “leader” ,the first person you think of is Ohno.
  • sometimes you hear “Nino” instead of “Nemo”.
  • therefore you buy Nemo things thinking of Nino.
  • Ohno should be a world-renowned artist. - so true.. his talents are out of this world~
  • you’ve come to tolerate/love other Johnny’s artists because of Arashi.
  • you’ve pulled all-nighters to wait for videos, scans, reports.
  • sometimes you wonder if Arashi are idols or comedians or cute little kids.
  • you start off with a favorite Arashi song, but soon after you can’t decide.
  • you study japanese because of Arashi.
  • you plan on going to Japan because of Arashi. - this and many other reasons... but I do regret not knowing Arashi during my times in Japan though~
  • you start giggling to yourself after finding something “Japanese”.
  • when you meet someone Japanese the first thing you want to do is ask is whether they know Arashi.
  • Aiba is a prodigy.
  • Nino should be a professional song writer
  • the only man that can pull off a belly button ring is Sho.
  • neon-coloured suits are completely acceptable for any occasion.
  • when someone says “tension” you think “Aiba”.
  • your parents know Arashi songs and the members’ name.
  • gotten into a fight with siblings about Arashi.
  • have arashi posters but won’t put them up because you’re afraid you’ll ruin them.
  • when people pronounces Nino’s name wrong it annoys you. - i haven't met anyone who pronounces it wrongly but it will annoy me if it happens~
  • like to yell out “YEAH!” at the end of things.
  • like to yell out “DO IT!” as your motivation.
  • fancams are heaven sent.
  • you buys CDs but listen to downloaded versions, because you don’t want to open your album copy.
  • you wish you could befriend Ohno’s mom. - anything that can get me closer to them.. I will do it... plus.. I can do some Ohno shopping for him... ngehehe~
  • many times you have looked down at their pants and have been pleasantly surprised. Now you can’t stop looking there.
  • you are envious of people like Inoue mao, Suzuki Ann and Aoi Yu.
  • you have gone down the list of “requirements for arashi’s girlfriend/wife” and started to change certain aspects of yourself so you have more points.
  • Guys who paint their nails are okay.
  • Don’t mind the fact that the guy owns 100000X more clothes than you.
  • Watching several Japanese variety shows a week without understanding any Japanese, just to watch their faces is absolutely normal.
  • You don’t listen to English songs anymore because you listen to Arashi all the time.
  • You get to have a new set of friends (online) because of Arashi.
  • The songs you play over and over again in your mp3 is Arashi’s.
  • Ordered Skinny Latte coffee takeout from Starbucks so that they can write “SK” on the cup and told them your name’s “Ohmiya”.
  • Guys who can cross their legs are totally acceptable.
  • You watched Gokusen / Kimi Wa Petto / Bambino / Tokyo Tower / Hana Yori Dango 1&2 / etc. just for Matsujun.
  • Rabu Rabu rocks!
  • Guys kissing / hugging each other / holding hands is no problem now.
There you have it...


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fonts and A4s-phobia


This is a stressed up post

the psychology notes are killing me!

or at least

They are definitely affecting my mental states right now...
Honestly... I can actually sense some pathological signs on my psychological state

That is why

I can't wait for this to end...
I don't care how...
-I just want it to end-


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie Review : Tooth Fairy

It was a really stressful week for me last week so I've decided to hit the cinemas with my buddies...

The first movie that I watched was "Tooth Fairy"

And here's a short review:

What's Good
A simple movie for all to understand... very light... really doesn't induce your brain to do anything except to watch it till the end~

What's Bad
1. Looks like something that came straight of Disney's bottoms - the solid material.. not the farts
2. Cheesy dialogues + cheap story lines = 0% originality - it looks like a remake of something that's been done countless of times and never successful
3. Makes me wonder if the Hollywood actors are really desperate for money to actually sign up for such movie - Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews - what were you thinking??

DON'T watch this in cinema or even spend your money buying a DVD... If you want to watch this badly... just rent a DVD or download it from the torrents...


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Otanjoubi Omedetou Sakurai Sho-san!

Ok... I know I'm a day late... but it's better late than never

Yesterday, one of my favourite guys on the planet celebrated his 28th birthday...

Happy birthday Sakurai Sho!

Hmm... isn't he a sight for sore eyes ^-^

How I wish every 28 years old guy would look like this


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Human Rights vs Hypocricy

Before you read this post let me warn you...

Things will get serious


I read in Yahoo! News last night which really made me question the world nowadays..

"The Islamic veil is banned in France"

Apparently it's for security reason


Now.. I don't know about you but this sounds like a violation of human rights to me...

You see... according to what most human rights or in this case women rights activists have been preaching...

Women should feel good about themselves and wear what they want to wear...

So much for practice what you preach

But what really makes me confused is this...

When same sex marriage is not accepted by certain people... they are the most close minded and human rights violators of all...

and when the strippers went out for work they have the "rights" to do so since its their body...

but now we have these Muslim women who's chosen to represent themselves as Muslims by wearing veils and they are not allowed to do so??

Don't get me wrong.. I'm not homophobic nor do I have a sentiment issues against strippers or those in sex business...

but all I'm saying is why can't these Muslim women have the same rights as everyone else?

One of my international friends had asked me before...

Why did I choose to wear headscarves at the age of 17? If it's a requirement for my religion... why didn't I wear it sooner?

My answer was this...

I did not just wear headscarves because I have to... I wear them because I want to...

I want to make sure that there's a part of me that is purely mine and only for those who are special to me... and apparently the idea occurred to me when I was 17~

The concept is the same for purity rings... you know.. the one that you wear when you took an oath of not to have sex until marriage?

Some took the pledge while others don't... the same goes for Muslims who wear headscarves and those who don't

We don't patronize each other because if you make someone do something unwillingly... the results will be devastating...

So my question is this...

When you preach for your rights without preserving the rights of others... does it makes you a hero, a paranoid or simply a hypocrite?


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-

Movie Review : Bandslam

Rotten Tomatoes (RT) 2009 Golden Tomatoes Award results are out and I'm ready to keep myself up to date with the high rated movies I've missed. To those who doesn't know, RT is a critics' website that highly contributes to a movie ratings... basically, anything that has bad ratings here will definitely go down the drain despite the fact that sometimes critics can be, you know, mentally unstable.

On the opposite side, sometimes, movies that have high ratings might not get great reviews/responses from viewers and in this case - Bandslam. The critics went crazy over it but unfortunately the ticket sales were really low - thanks to Vanessa's boobies exposure weeks before the premier~


The movie tells the story of Will Burton, a school outcast that finally got to escape his miserable high school live in Cincinnati and move to New Jersey. Here he befriended Charlotte (played by Aly Michalka), a once stuck up head cheerleader turned people friendly and Sa5m - the 5 is silent (Vanessa Hudgens), a rebel who reads a lot and talks like a robot.

So, what happened next is they decided to form a band and compete in "Bandslam", a singing competition where the winner gets a recording deal. Of course they have their rival - the popular kids band - Glory Dogs and sure their band consist of the outrageous, weird but talented misfits in the school.

I know... you're thinking it sounds pretty much like hundreds of other teen flick movies that ever come out of Disney productions bottoms and such... Boring!

Think again

Trust me. This movie is not a typical teen flick. It touches on typical issues such as teen romance and high school douches and also sensitive issues like family, grieving, and secrets that really keep this movie miles apart from any other teen flicks.

The plot and character developments are beautifully crafted and the story line is just amazing... This movie also has probably the most epic kissing scene ever that is to me the most original I've seen yet.

Overall... this movie really deserves all the good ratings it's receiving and it's really recommended for those who are looking for high quality musical comedy.


-Constipated People Don't Give A Crap-
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